Adoc – Association for the Defense and Orientation of Consumers is a consumer organization founded in 1988 in the wake of UIL, one of the major Italian trade unions. Adoc carries out activities of information, training and education addressed not only to its members but also to citizens/consumers. 

The main aim is the protection of consumer rights. In the last 5 years, this institutional activity has been enhanced by dedicated work on raising awareness on the issues of environmental and social sustainability of products and services. We believe the term Orientation in our acronym is fundamental as we must provide citizens/consumers with all the knowledge and information that allows them to freely make their own consumption choices while respecting the environment and the social component. 

ADOC is member of the ECU European Consumers Union network of European associations created to connect global and local consumer’s needs.

Package Testing & Research Ltd


PTR is a private consultancy and research agency specialised in consumer testing of packaging. Our customers  represent the entire packaging value chain from packaging material manufacturers to recycling organizations. 

Our main activities are: project management, lecturing at university and vocational level, package testing services (visual image, usability), and consulting on packaging labeling and technology, product development, and regulatory aspects of food packaging. Both Virpi Korhonen and Heli Nykänen have 25 years of personal experience in food packaging research.

Virpi Korhonen is specialised in consumer – packaging interactions and Heli Nykänen holds extensive experience in food packaging technology, food technology and the regulatory aspects of food processing and packaging labelling.



The MARTHA Organization (Marttaliitto) is an home economics advisory organisation advocating for sustainable everyday life and wellbeing at home and for all families. It is a strong and courageous community for doing and learning things together. Its main fields of expertise are: household economy and consumer issues, food and nutrition, environment, home gardening, housekeeping. The vision is to change the world by doing small everyday things in a big way. Our activities address global and local challenges such as climate change and mitigating its impacts as extreme weather conditions and human displacement; fragmentation of democracy and the civil society, transformation of communality; diversification of the society due to aging population and increasing immigration. Technological development and digitalisation. New technologies will shape the ways of connecting with one another. Urbanisation and depopulation in 60 per cent of Finnish municipalities.

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